With our Wireless Calling System your customers will receive higher quality service and your waiters/staff will be more productive.

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Increase Sales and Improve Customer Experience

The Wireless Waiter Service calling system is a new way to improve the customer experience in your hotel or restaurant while increasing your productivity and sales.

There are three user components to the Wireless Calling system:

  • A table button
  • A single function call button normally used by the chef to alert waiters or runners that an order is ready to go. These are often used in meeting rooms to call for service.
  • A wrist worn or breast mounted pager to alert the Service Providers
Wireless Waiter Wireless Calling system

The benefits are obvious:

  • Customers order more easily/often
  • Waiters use their time more productively
  • Food is served promptly
  • Bills are provided without delay to rotate tables
  • More beverages and desserts are consequently sold, especially during lunch
  • In hotels a call button in each meeting room ensure fast and efficient service and diverts calls from busy receptionists
  • Hotel lobbies, spa areas and quiet spots can be serviced without patrolling staff and more beverages are sold
  • It is intended for all users who need a fast and reliable one-way communication among their employees.
  • It is very popular for use in the kitchen, because the communication between chefs and waiters is quick and easy.

The system is installed without fuss and charged as a rental fee with no obligation or set-up charge. It’s another no-brainer!

Vellux Wireless Waiter

Call Button

Did you know that people in bars and restaurants consume 10-25% more if service is easy & fast? You can now boost your sales with the Wireless Waiter call button. Simply place it on the table and the client can push a button when he is ready to order, needs another drink or wishes to pay. The staff is alerted wirelessly and respond in no time!

Server Paging System

Boost your staff’s efficiency and reduce personnel costs – the Wireless Waiter system system consists of a pager that can be wrist worn or breast clipped in a shirt or jacket pocket. On this pager, staff receive alerts whenever a client has pressed the call button; the pager displays the button number and service request . Any number of pagers can be deployed – for example managers can be informed of their staff’s activity.

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